Thursday, September 20, 2007

TWS 069 ( Autumn Arriving )

TWS #69 -- Autumn's Arriving
by Robert G Parent


Autumn's Arriving This show is 50 minutes.


Sweeper Association of Poetry Podcasting

Sweeper "The Write Stuff" by the Legendary Ten Seconds

"Autumn Colors" by Rich Hernandez
on the PMN

"Autumn Arrives" by Robert G Parent

"Autumn Stream" by Adam Zampino
on the PMN

Promo Sundown Lounge

Promo Speaking of Beer

Sweeper Marc Gunn and

"Change of Autumn" by Brian Turner
on the PMN

"The Wisdom in the Silence" by Robert G Parent

"Secret Hallways" by Aaron Rathbun
on the PMN


Podiobooks promo "Plitone Revisionist"

Podiobooks promo "AmerIndian 2192"

"Wendy's Parking Lot" by Robert G Parent

"If by force" by 2012
on the PMN

"The Walls We Put Up" by Robert G Parent

"The White Buffalo" by Robert G parent

Sweeper Will Brown

"Autumn Falls" by Mister Fusty
on the PMN

"After the Rain" by Future Daze
on the PMN

Promo The Songwriter's show

"What I Wish I Could" by Robert G Parent

"Arcturus in Autumn" by Just Another Jim
on the PMN

"Another Poem About Change" by Robert G Parent


Stay Creative in the Magix of Life

Robert G Parent

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