Friday, September 07, 2007

TWS068 A Secret Truth

A secret truth show
by Robert G Parent

The Write Stuff show #68
for September 7, 2007

This show is 1 hour and 10 minutes.

remember what I said about the change of the heart, one thing that prevents us from doing that is the secret truth we each have.

What is the secret truth? Let us explore.

Introductions: APP and the Write Stuff

Allison Crowe Performing "Secret"


Growing up in school we all had ( have ) something to make us different from each other weather you were a geek, a red head, tom boy, shy, or whatever.

Omer Leshem Performing "A Secret Day"

"The Future's Attorney" by Robert Parent


Marc Gunn's Sweeper

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Promo: "Slam Idol Podcast" by Simon Tune at or


Why do we go through all that? The pain, the sadness, the turmoil of emotion?

The Legendary 10 Seconds Perforoming "End in Tears"

"Images of 1970s TV" by Robert G Parent

Just to experience the Ecstasy of life, to feel the touch of someone who cares for you, your family, to experience the smile of the sun as you feel the warmth on your skin, to feel the pounding of your heart, the caressing loveness of the wind as it passes by your skin, or plays with your hair. To see the stars and marvel at how far away they are, or how big the universe is to not only being here. Feeling the sensations of life but to go beyond with your will and imagination, to visit any place you create to think, to touch, to feel the life flowing through and around you.

Brian Sharpe Performing "Secret"

"Healing the Land" by Robert G Parent

"We Are: Essay for Humanity" by Robert G Parent


Promo: Book; "Eternal Words" by JJ Dewey


There is always another side to grow in this life, we need to be courageous and see it, to acknowledge it.

Girl's Stuff Performing "Secrets"

"The Secret Truth" by Robert G Parent

"The Real Self" by Robert G Parent


Marc Gunn's Sweeper

Podiobooks Promos:

"Shadow Magic" and "Heaven"


We all carry around secrets, that's another ( think, aspect ) that links us together, we put up barriers to keep some people out and some people in. This starts when we're young children and continues to adulthood. We don't let go until old age. And, our elders seem to be more content and at peace. Maybe we could learn something from there wisdom.

The Legendary 10 Seconds Perforoming "Wake Up"

Future DAze perfoming "After the Rain"

Adrina Thorpe Performing "Fly, Fly, Fly"


Stay Creative in the Magix of Life,
Robert G Parent

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