Sunday, December 09, 2007

the Golden Compass movie review

The Golden Compass Movie Review

here is the trailer.

if you like Harry Potter and similar types of fantasy, you will love this movie. A girl on a quest to save the children, herself, and her father. This story has all the special effects that you expect to see in a fantasy movie. The sound track is awesome too. This movie takes place in a parallel Earth where witches, polar bear people, animal totems or our souls who live next to each other and are as real as what we see in this reality of Earth. The movie flowed nicely and did not have any slow parts of back story that can tend to drag a movie down. The history of the story was nicely done in the adventure of the quest. Yes, it has all the usually elements to a quest story but at the same time it is an excellent story realitive to this time we live. Jesus said a little child shall lead you and she does into a new understanding of freedom. However, there are some who want to be in control of the masses. The quest and the first battle to freedom has began.

This movie is all about the magic that we all have within us. I give this movie a five out of five star rating. Go see the movie and witness a classic in the making.

all of lifes questions are answered in the movies.

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