Thursday, March 06, 2008

spring cleaning show #2

spring cleaning show #2

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"This is Rome" by Ethereal

"Secret Fascination" by ATOMICTOM

"Revolution Song" by Stone Autumn

"After Autumn Poem" by MAKAR

"Tudor Tune" and "Nothing is going your way" by the legendary ten seconds

"Future Memory" by Heth and Jed

"In the Future" by Bill Tustain

"MC Lars-Scientology WTF" by The FuMP

"Podcast Sell Out" by Smart Bomb Radio

"Heavens Waiting" by Aaron


The Association of Poetry Podcasting

Slamidol podcast

Sundown Lounge

Cloudy Day Art


Morevi Remastered

"Masnavi" ( Rumi's poetry )

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