Monday, March 17, 2008

Too many choices or not many choices

Too many choices or not many choices

by Robert G Parent

I've been listening to a few podcasts talk about the problem of not being able to keep up on all the pieces of information we all have to monitor.

There are a few misconceptions people have. First in listening to podcasts they've subscribed to, second in reading newsletters, and third in watching shows on cable. People have this idea that if a podcast, newsletter, or show comes out on a regular basis like once a week they have to watch or read it every week. But RSS, subsciption services, Tivo, VCRs, DVD recorders let us watch and read the shows on our scedules when we feel like it.

I'm subscribed to many podcasts. I lost count after 150.

I check out a few forums and groups on the Internet.

I listen to audio books and podiobooks.

I watch cable, movies, and read.

I don't do all of this everyday or every week. I like variety. So sometimes I listen to podcasts, sometimes cable, movies, reading a book, an article or magazine. Sometimes I listen to audio books and sometimes podiobooks. Sometimes I even play Cubis Gold ( my latest addition ). And many times, I watch videos all night on You Tube.

So what's my point. Would you want fewer choices and get bored with nothing else to do or have many choices to learn about yourself and the world around you. In this new age we are living, we need to learn to balance. Balance in our work, home, schooling, and play. And if we can do this, I believe the stress level in society will go down because we would enjoy the fullness in life.

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