Thursday, July 03, 2008

This day in Literary History July 3 1908

Here is something else from . I will also have a poetry show tomorrow of some of my new poetry I've written, including some in the slam style. Tune in to see if I succeed in writing slam. And finally, for more of history check out my Becoming blog.

This day in Literary History July 3 1908

"Mary Frances Kennedy Fisher is born on this day in Albion, Michigan.

Her father, a fourth-generation writer, purchased a newspaper in Whittier, California, where the family moved in 1911. In 1929, Fisher moved to France with her first husband, where she developed her twin passions: food and writing. She published her first story in 1934, using her initials to conceal her identity. In 1937, her first book, Serve It Forth, was published. She was highly productive for the next decade or so, producing nine books on food, including How to Cook a Wolf (1942) and The Gastronomic Me (1943)."

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