Thursday, April 22, 2010

First Day of Spring

First Day of Spring
by Robert G Parent

today is the beginning
the first full Spring day
before the Sun rises
the lonely car passes
in the cool of the night
the blood of trees flow
waiting, to be trapped, to share
their powers of creation
in a New Year, a New Time

Winter's been hard
for two years, I've wondered
the Cold Winter, waiting
for my Spring's rebirth
for two years, I've gathered,
my strength in Winter's Sleep
for a New Time, a New Direction

the seeds been planted
I dreamt dreams of my potential
my energy grows
in the wonderful dreams of imagination,
the stories I've told only onto me,
recorded in Universe's intelligence
about the three forces
of life, death, and creation
that flow around and through me,
the seed of pure potential,
where I wait and become.

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Stay Creative in the Magic of Life
Robert G Parent

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