Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Living is in the journey

Living is in the journey by Robert G Parent

The Summer is almost over. The leaves will change their color. The weather will get colder. The drive-ins where we get burgers, fries, ice cream, and seafood will close, be boarded up and, wait for the new crop of Christmas Trees to come in.

We get so programmed of living a life based on the season that we currently live in, instead of seeing what each season is trying to teach us. Do you spend time in each season just observing the flowers in the meadow, the frog by the pond, the colorful foliage in the park, or the frosty landscape of the mountains?

Why do we go so fast into the next season? We worry about not having a better car, a new home, or a better paying job. No wonder we are a nation, a world under stress. We speed to the end of our lives without enjoying the creamy middle. I believe that it was some wise person who said many, many years ago, maybe even a galaxy far away, that life is in the journey and not the destination. Face it. We are all going toward the same place. What is your hurry?

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