Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Reclaim our Power and become Balanced

Reclaim our Power and become Balanced by Robert G Parent

The governments of the world want you to die. The Carbon Tax is a tax on your breath. In basic science, which I learned in grade school, wonder if they still teach this, tells us we breath out carbon dioxide and breath in oxygen from trees. The last country that taxed the air was Great Britain, who taxed Ireland in the past. Well, we know how that turned out.

In a well balanced society there are some taxes that go to the government to pay for the shared expenses that help make this country run smoothly. But, that is the keyword "balance". With the National Government getting more and more powerful and away from the individual, we have become a nation of tyranny by the sound bite. We need to reclaim more power by the individual states as long as people stay involved in their local policies.

We have to remember what made this country great, the advances we made in manufacturing, the inventions that make life easier, and the Internet that gave us access to knowledge and information which we haven't had in the past. It is this spirit of self discovery that binds us together as a strong community that is able to overcome any challenge, to learn and grow from it. We need to reclaim our power, so we can once again balance our lives, our businesses, and our spirit.

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