Sunday, January 01, 2012

from past journals of thought

from past journals of thought by Robert G Parent; the Jedi poet

I was going though some old journals typing them up into the computer in digital format and came across this article that I had to post. A tip for continuity and inspiration from your life: Go through old journals, writings, podcast, songs, books that you have written. Get to know yourself from the perspective of who you are now. Ponder on how you have grown and in what area. We all grow but its not usually where we think we've grown.

This is from February 10, 2011. I had re-written some of it to make it read better as to what I was trying to say in that moment:

Why does it need to cost 7000 dollars for a night in the emergency room? Who can pay for that in this or any economy? The insurance company. I wonder if this is free money for Doctors and Technicians who paid too much for college. The cost trickles down and adds more to the cost the consumer pays. Its not based in actual costs but, in the realness of fantasy, within the imagination where anything is possible. I too, will wait for that 10,000 dollar check for a week of cleaning toilets to pay that or any bill. Beam me up Scotty to that cheesy scifi socialist utopia of 1970's TV, where we can forever live in the illusions we create thinking that we're caring for everyone but, in reality we're not.

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