Monday, June 10, 2013

How to be Happy

How to be Happy ( Monologue )
by Robert G Parent

What helps make me happy.  Well I suppose since I'm looking for work now that would make me happy.  If I had a good job that pays my bills and I could still buy stuff that I need or want and that I could go where I wanted to go.  I love to explore, to seek out new ground and see wonderful sights.

What else would help make me happy?  Maybe I should define what happiness is or at least what happiness is to me.  I suppose happiness is doing what you love and when when you love what you do its not work – it's a pleasure.  Well, I love to create whether its a new writing piece or a new video or audio show.  I love to design.  I love looking at the design of something and making it better, improving it for all of humanity. I love driving, just going out to someplace where I haven't been ever or even in a while. I love to see what's there or what has changed.  I love having that wonder that is in my eye when I see a beautiful creation.  Even though beauty is in the eye of the person looking, my definition of beauty would be how all parts work together in harmony for the good of all mankind.  Bees love the flowers and we love the honey the bees produce.  The chef loves to prepare a meal and his/her guest love to eat the meal.  Writers love to write for readers who love to read.  Builders love to build the roads and highways for people who love to travel on them to see new places or families a long way from them.  You see what is beautiful to me, doing what we love to do.  Isn't that what life is supposed to be doing what we love to do.

So now, after knowing what makes me happy is what I love to do.  How do I find a job that I love to do, that pays me a good, fair wage so I don't need to worry about the bills that I've created for not having a job that pays enough money. Even though most of my bills are medical check ups that I have to do because I have Type 2 diabetes, and those others who have Type 2 know how expensive that can be to not only monitor your blood glucose but to eat the foods that should be eaten.  Still though, I realize there are others who are in the same way as I am with jobs that don't pay enough.  Why don't jobs pay enough money to their employees to help them be happy, and if they where happy, then maybe they would love their job that much better.  I don't know what are the answer to any of these questions.  But I do know we need to have a serious national discussion to help us all find those answers to the questions that would make us all happy and change the world to a better place.  I also know that if we do today what we've always done, we'll always have what we have now.

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