Tuesday, June 11, 2013

We Create

We Create 
by Robert G Parent

Creation is the main lesson for this school we call Earth. For those in the North East America, see this truth every year as Spring becomes Summer, which then becomes Autumn, to finally Winter. As the seasons change and create a new experience for all those who live in the North East, the way we live our lives also change. Everyone on this Earth is learning to create. This is the main purpose for humans on Earth. Just look to see what is in your life because it was created by somebody. We create how our lives move day to day, month to month, and year to year. We even create while we sleep in our dreams.

How do we create? We first start with inspiration, which is a stimulation from within ourselves to create something new, to solve a problem, to create more beauty. This stimulation comes from how we view subconsciously our environment. We are aware of so much more then we consciously realize. Have you ever focused on a problem while trying to come up with the solution? Then one day you get a moment of clarity and the solution presents itself to you. That is your subconscious, which is like the background processes running on your computer. In the past there were those who thought that the creation process was something mystical, the subconscious, part of the creation process, is not a mystical force because it is our higher awareness that sees the bigger picture. Those who are the most creative can see this bigger picture.

Creativity is also part of how we learn because it is through trial and error that we create new solutions. By putting our actions into changing our world, we create our life experience and what we use in our environment as either good or bad, which will come back to us in the cycle we call Karma. Also as we learn and see our world differently, the cycle of creation continues because new ideas inspire or stimulate us to see differently and we start planing on the new creation.

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