Saturday, June 15, 2013

The Yugioh Deck

The Yugioh Deck by Robert G Parent

This is what you should have in your deck to make it a good Yugioh Deck and of course its all about the cards, which keep changing and that makes the game grow and change with it as we learn new ways to make and play our decks.  Once you have this formula down, you can play around with it to create your own type of decks and remember to support your local tournaments.  They are the heart and soul of the game.

What you need is 8 protector monster cards. They are strong in defense.
You also need 2 boss monsters.  These cards have a real high Attack number.
You also need 15 spell and trap cards.
This makes 25 cards total so far.  In a Yugioh Deck, you need to have at least 40 but less then 60 cards.
The other remaining 15 cards should be monster cards that depend on what strategy you what to use in your game play.  There are many strategies.  All you need to do is watch some games and you'll see them. Also, Konami puts out different types of cards.  Some of the types are Chronomaly, Prophecy, Constellars to name a few.  You could also make Spellcaster, Dragon, Beast, Insect, Water, Warrior decks.  One other popular type of deck is the direct damage deck, which is where you have more cards to make your life points go up and your opponent's life go down.  So, the possibilities are endless.  Your deck depends on what you can imagine.

There is another deck that doesn't get too much play unless your watch the anime.  That deck is what I like to call the swiss army deck.  It's a deck that started with the original Yugioh character in the anime. The swiss army deck is one deck that can go against all the other decks.  I don't hear people talk about this deck, but if you can come up with your own. I think you could consider yourself a knowledgeable player of Yugioh, and it will show how you've master game play.  So, go down and grab a few booster packs and start making your deck.  And of course, have fun and stay creative in the magic of life.

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