Sunday, June 16, 2013

What's in the Name?

What's in the Name?
by Robert G Parent

I watched a vlog about a transgendered lady and she was getting a lot of headaches from her family because she was the last in her line and when she fully becomes a physical woman, the family name and the blood line will end.

This got me thinking, why are woman forced to give up their name?  Slaves were also forced to give up their names and take on slave names but, when they were freed they took up new names.  And there have been people who are no longer on the Earth whom we will never know.

Think on this though.  There are lots of people on this Earth and have been for a long time.  Our blood has intermingled with everyone else.   I don't think that we need to worry about our blood lines.  We have become one as a human race.

There is a power, an energy that goes with a particular name vibration.  The possible types of vibrations, or energy is also infinite and we have a long way to go  to be each of those vibrations or energy.  But then again, we are one in spirit. So the spirit or humanity's soul is being all of these different types of energy vibrations.  Also, we can and do choose to change the energies that we work with using the science of Numerology,  In this science, there are men that take up the woman's family name.  There are couples who create a new name for themselves when they get married.  And there are people who change their names all the time.  So it doesn't really matter if a family line continues or not.  We are one.  We are constantly changing.  We are not the same as we were in the past, and we will be different then we will be in the future.

Overall, we have one authority and that is the highest part of ourselves, our soul, which is connected to humanity's soul, and the soul is aware of everything we come in contact with.  When we can learn to see through soul is when we grow into the next stage, the new name, the new experience in the new moment.  Don't get hung up on your current name because its already changed.

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