Sunday, June 30, 2013


by Robert G Parent

What if you had one question for God, what would it be?
My question is: Why?

Let me try and explain my answer.  Why does anything exist?  What would be the purpose of existence?  Did God wake up one morning bored, in whatever passes for morning for God?  There is a lot of empty  space out there in the Universe with very few forms of sentient life,  well at least as far as we know.  And though this limitless amount of space in the Universe, there are planets really, really, really far away from each other, with little copies of God messing up creation.  It's as if these little copies of God are God--babies, who are not supervised.  Why would God do this?  Create a whole world that supports and nourishes his little copies and letting them have ' a run of the place.'  Is God that vain or does God have a purpose?  That is what the little copies of God think, that they are apart of God's purpose.

These God--babies have the potential of great beauty and great ugliness.  Does God?  Or did God at some point have this same potential, maybe when God was a baby?  But that is another question that could be pondered and written about at another time, so to this question of time.  So, that just leaves me with the first question, Why?

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