Saturday, August 03, 2013

A New Beginning

A New Beginning
by Robert G Parent

The Crows high in the tree looks down on me.
I can't hide.  The truth shines out for all those with eyes to see.
The scared little person within waits to be known, and as an Eagle fly.
The Crows high in the tree, in an ancient language, speak to me.
Something within my soul, Shouts, "You know who you are."
A holy silence descends.  I find Illumination.
My wings expand.  As an Eagle, I fly.

I travel a darkened land, looking for something.
The lone car passes on the city street.
The light of stars...
millions of light years away look down on the darkness.
Many bodies I have had, lessons upon lessons, than at last...
a small voice is heard.
I listen, learn, and build a lighted house to dwell therein.
I have become as that great teacher from long ago,
a light unto the world, to inspire the new ones yet to come.
The Sun rises and a new day dawns.
The end of the beginning as all souls sing the song.

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