Monday, September 02, 2013

Be True to the One

Be True to the One
by Robert G Parent

Many people who do those spirited shows on blog talk radio, on You Tube, or on video and audio shows on other platforms, many of these people who do their shows have put themselves up as authorities, but the only authority we have is that of our own soul.

It is up to each of us to connect, to have communion with their own soul, their teacher within.  When we see our lives from a higher perspective, that we have when we commune with our own soul that watches out for us, that sees life from a higher perspective, we will have the answers to our questions.  We will be in a better way to a healing, which is a becoming one and truly knowing who we are and who is the One God.  And, we will come to know what is true power and true love.

Any Alien, Angel, or Human that puts themselves as an authority for your personal answers or how you should live your life is a false authority.  We each make our own decisions on what it is we choose to become, on what it is we do in this current moment.  That is where the problem is with the people in the countries of the world – the power of decision, where they decide to give their power away to a thought form, an ideology, or an outer force that does not have our best interest at heart.  Each of us needs to have true communion with our own soul which is a part of the soul of this Universe, of the One God.

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