Sunday, June 29, 2014

Make peace with summer

Make peace with summer
by Robert G parent

How do I make peace with summer? I remember that time as a youth traveling to different places, different times. I remember the swimming and the adventurers driving my bike to the lake or hiking in the woods behind the house I grew up in. I remember going to the White Mountains and Canada. I remember going to organ concerts then to Dunkin' Donuts for an after concert snack. I remember a lot of fun times growing up, innocent in my own world as every child is innocent in their world. And, I remember the night of the car accident and of course the other weird stuff that happened growing up.

Now, I sit here on my bed with the window open, to get the cool summer night's air into my apartment.  I listen to the children playing next door, and of course grown-ups sitting around a campfire probably talking.

I suppose it's easier now then it was for me just a short while ago. Where summer for me was hot, muggy and poor. I didn't feel rich then going from low income job to low income job, looking for some type of break, something from where I could start moving back "up the ladder" or as the song says, to the place where I used to be, but Robert Frost was right when he said, that time will never come again. Yes, everything changes. No one can go back in time to walk in the same spot in life's River. Each of us can only move forward.

I don't like it hot and muggy.
How can I make peace with summer?

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