Sunday, June 22, 2014

the bible code, future?

the bible code, future?
by Robert G Parent

I just watched a show on the bible code published in 2003, and am now watching it's sequel published in 2004.  I'm sure those of you familiar with the code understand how it is supposed to work and those of you who don't know can just look it up on the internet because there has been a lot of information written about the bible code.

The people who study this code and come up with different matrices on many historical facts assume that those facts were always there because these events already happened when the bible was written long ago in the past.  But think on this,if everything that was discovered had already happened,  they cannot use the bible code to change what will happen in the future because it will happen and there is nothing we can do to change it. Meaning everything is predetermined. Ponder on this: our history used to be our future and our future is the history of the time that is to come.

I think that if the events of the past were different, we would've found those historical events.  What I am saying is that the bible code records what is currently happening, so the bible code changes and depends on the present.  Why is this? Because we have free will and the future depends on the decisions that we make in the present.  If we were to accept the premise that the events of the past always would have happened from the creation of the stories of the bible, then we would not have free will, meaning our future is predetermined.  If our future is predetermined, why are we here on Earth? Is there really any purpose for life other than to live out the script that is our lives?

Is what I say true? Don't know but it gives some different thought on the subject of not only the bible code but on the nature of reality.  One thing that I'm not sure of is do they only use the old testament or both the old and new testament?  I know the new testament was put together from separate stories in the Council of Nicaea, but was the old testament also put together from separate stories? If it was what does that tell us about the bible code?  Does the bible code come from a random assortment of stories that we ( humans ) find patterns in?  Or is there a higher mind at work?  And is this higher consciousness the combined consciousness of humanity working on a different level? Is this higher consciousness of humanity what we call God?  Or is what each of us sees in the bible code what each of us want to see?

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