Sunday, July 27, 2014

Our True Work

Our True Work
by Robert G Parent

We came into this moment in time to share the gifts that we have. This is our work.

Why are many people unfulfilled, don't like their current jobs?
Humans view their jobs in a backwards way. They look at their jobs to give them money to live their lives in comfort. But if our communities were run different, every human being would have shelter, food, and comfort. Each person would also only need to work three days out of the seven. This would leave the other four days to do creative stuff, to be with their families, to do what they feel or need to do at the time.

Why are people under stress today?  Why are you under stress?
Is this stress having to do with how you live your life, like worrying about healthcare, money, your job? There may be different causes that cause your stress, but for most of us humans, it's the three that I just talked about.

How can you re-create your life? If in fact you want to re-create your life.

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