Sunday, August 03, 2014

what would our Founding Fathers say about today

July 31, 2014 – what would our Founding Fathers say about today

When our government starts living as we live, then they'll know how to govern.  This is the basic principle that our Founding Fathers had, as stated in the Constitution.  That is why we have a public push to decrease the size of government.

Funny thing, in all recent jobs that I have had, I haven't been able to pay in full all my medical bills, and I believe that I'm not alone in this thought. What I believe this means is the money we get paid and the amount of money it cost to purchase food, shelter, get medical care, and continue our learning in higher education is not in balance.  So, we either need to make more money or the price of food, shelter, and medical ( mostly medical ) needs to decrease.  Prices of higher education has gone up ( this  is easy enough for you to check if you want to) and so the student loans increase because it is harder to pay in cash to go to college for two years to get a degree to get a higher paying job.  How long will it take to pay off these student loans depends on if we can get that higher paying job?  How long will this cycle continue? What do we as humanity need to know and do to turn this cycle around?  If these questions are answered and acted upon, then we could see a new type of community taking hold in humanity's consciousness.

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