Friday, October 31, 2014

Nuclear Energy -- beyond the fear

This is something that I wrote on October 26, 2014 as I was waking from sleep in the morning.

Nuclear Energy -- beyond the fear by Robert G Parent

Nuclear Energy, just the mention of the word throws some people into fear.  This is understandable because every person on this Earth has seen the power of a Nuclear Weapon and the shear destruction of its energy when it's released.  People also see the radioactive waste left behind by the nuclear power plants as man tries to release and use the energy of the atom.  Some people fear nuclear energy for those two reason that I just gave; and because of this fear, people miss the beauty, the perfection of the atom.  Think on this, all that energy that we've seen comes from a little package that is so small we cannot see it with our naked eye.  It is perceived that nuclear energy comes from nothing, but it's not nothing. The atom is a small building block that makes everything in the Universe. Maybe if we stop fearing the energy that comes from the atom, and start seeing the atom with new eyes is when we as a human species will make that jump into a higher, more mature consciousness.  It is a good thought to ponder on, right?

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