Tuesday, October 21, 2014

my accounting class

My Accounting Class -- a lesson for all
by Robert G Parent

I had not realized that its been almost a month since I wrote on this blog.  I've been busy at work and school, but this is no excuse for forgetting my writing obligations.  That being said, I am back.  I had an assignment in class to write a self assessment, while this is a good idea for anyone to do on occasion, I'm not printing it here on the blog, but instead is something that I wrote before the self assessment which I thought is very valuable to share with others. It is about something that I hear every election by people who truly don't understand.  My prayer is that they come to an understanding on business and with that understanding make a better community. Hope you enjoy it.

I wondered how this course was going to be at the beginning. I mean how can anyone have a conversation about accounting. Well, people can discussion accounting and it can be interesting.  One thing that I learned is how to look at a company's financials and determine how the company is doing, well anyway when I learn more about accounting I could do this better.  Many people don't know what goes on behind the financial statements of a company.  I think people need to know this, to come to an understanding of the business process.  In every political election and even before and after, I hear people talk negatively about how bad are businesses.  While there are some bad businesses, the majority of businesses are good and are part of the natural ecosystem that makes up a healthy community.  The exchange of goods and services are more then just making a profit. It's about people sharing their gifts with the community that they live. 

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