Sunday, June 21, 2015

Secret of the Founding Fathers

June 21, 2015 Secret of the Founding Fathers by Robert G Parent

 It's Father's Day today and I was thinking of the founding fathers when they were putting together the constitution of the United States. We don't see that type of knowledge by congressmen and politicians nowadays. Look at the last major bill the current congress passed ( the Affordable Care Act ). The putting together of that bill was unlike the founding fathers. First reason why is that only one party put the ACA together. The founding fathers worked together to put the constitution of the United States together. Second reason why the current congressmen was unlike the founding fathers in putting together the ACA is that the ACA is a longer document filled with words that confuse and distract the people as they try to read it if in fact the congressmen read it before voting for the ACA. The constitution of the United States is a much shorter document and has remained popular for 300 years. There is something different with the people elected to congress in 2008 and how congress has been running since. There was a recent pole in the country to see if the people had confidence in the government ( Congress, the President, and the Supreme Court ). We the people of the Untied States don't have confidence in our government. The funny thing is that this president was voted into office twice by the majority of the people, and in the first term of the presidency the democrats had a super majority in congress. They could have been the start of something really good, but the democrats continued to attack their brothers, the republicans. I suppose that is a major problem with a party system. People separate and work for their group instead of realizing that their group is apart of the whole. I could blame the educational system or the laziness of the people to get informed about who they elect into an office of the United States, but I suppose that is apart of a bigger lesson that the country as a whole need to learn. I wonder where will be as a nation and as a world in three hundred years from now.

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