Sunday, July 12, 2015

Solutions to Reduce United States Debt

Solutions to Reduce United States Debt
by Robert G Parent

There is more crime in this country because the economy is worst then the news people are telling the public. Just go to Peter Schiff’s You Tube channel to check out his videos on the economy.

How will America correct our economy? We need some really smart money people who truly want to serve their country and make it better. Here is a few ideas that I thought of. First, we need to start getting people off of government dependency. One way to do that is to repel the Affordable Care Act and free up the insurance companies to be able to sell in all states to insure competition in the market, which will bring the cost of insurance down. Another way to bring health care cost down is to fix the higher education system and not making it so expensive to go to school. Then, doctors and nurses will not need to charge so much for their services and let the market decide what their cost is. Second way for America to correct our economy is that we need to get rid of a lot of regulations in business and make it more feasible to manufacture in the United States, which will create more jobs, lower prices, and increase wages to make it easier for the people to live freer. Third, we need to get people off welfare and let welfare programs to be controlled by the individual states, which will give each state the flexibility to solve local problems in helping people get jobs and live off their paychecks.

The majority of problems that we have in this country can be solved by each state then can be solved nationally. The national government should only have the responsibility to run the military, the post office, run any big project that are too big for each state to accomplish individually, and to make sure the liberties of Americans are secured. If we did these few solutions that this writer came up with as a country, everyone’s wealth will increase in this country.

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