Thursday, May 11, 2017

The Heart of Capitalism

The Heart of Capitalism by Robert G Parent

The heart of Capitalism is within the true community.
Everyone gives to the community so the community can
give back. We share our gifts which strengthens community.
When the state does for us, our gifts die within us
because its not done by choice from our hearts.

Everything has its place.
We collect old ideas pile them on each other.  
This clutters our lives and leaves no space for new possibilities
because we use our energy holding onto these old ideas,
until we run out of energy and we start to die.
We need change and to make things new.

Love yourself as who you are.  
Feel the flow of creation, of the source through your being.  
Detox the old ideas.  Pray for new creations.  Make your life like a vision quest and become your truth, your new story.

We all need wonder to get us through the ordinary part of our days.
Become the Dream of your mind and heart.

When we think of the decisions in the past and as to why we made them is when we realize knowledge in action -- Wisdom.

I choose the way which leads between the two great lines of force, between the mind and emotion, learning the art of creation in this Physical Realm, more freedom of the community's people is the heart of capitalism and the growth of our human kind to truly become who we decide in the art of Creation.

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