Thursday, June 01, 2017

Plant based diet on a budget

Plant based diet on a budget
by Robert G Parent

I heard that going on a plant based diet will cure my diabetes, but money is a bit tight, so how is this possible?  This question lead me to a journey and an answer to improve my life.  I started my journey browsing in my local grocery stores to check local prices.  The inexpensive foods I found are dry beans, which is a good source of protein, as I've been told on the Internet, also dried beans gives my taste buds a variety of taste, and beans can also be paired with rice which is also an inexpensive food.  I look for bean recipes on the Internet and found many ways to cook them, but because of my finances I keep it basic and occasionally experiment with other ways to cook beans.

Some vegetables can expensive especially out of season, so I've found that frozen vegetables to be an inexpensive alternative, which can vegetables are as well and they are easier to stock up, which can save me money to buy other foods like fruits or ingredients like different types of spices.  I've also found that Ramen Noodles, which are also easy to stock up, are an inexpensive way to pair up vegetables and gives me some variety in my meal choices.  Many times I don't add the flavor packet because I add other herb mixes to my meals.  I have found herbs can be bought inexpensively at the dollar store, which saves me money so that I can save up and buy favorite fresh herbs.  I've even heard that you can grow herbs on your window sill.  I can't because I don't have a window sill and that I'm on the north side of the building.

I've discovered that I could make my own bread inexpensively in the oven or in a cast iron skillet.  I've discovered that flour is inexpensive to buy, useful for many recipes, and can be stocked up, but just remember to store it properly and be mindful of the expiration date. I've even discovered that it is possible to make my own pasta, though I haven't tried it yet.  I'm also still trying to get the bread right, one thing at a time right.

For snacks, I've discovered fruits and nuts, but for most fruit it's best to buy them in season.  I love the apples and apple cider in the autumn.  Just like vegetables, I can buy fruits inexpensively in the frozen food section.  One inexpensive fruit I found is bananas because I can buy two pounds locally for one dollar, forty-nine cents a pound, better then buying candy bars.  I found the dollar store is also a good place to buy nuts and it saves me money for when I want to splurge and buy the more expensive nut, like pistachio nuts, which is better then ice cream.

My journey on eating more of a plant based diet continues.  It is my hope to make more money and try out different fruits and vegetables.  I think that what we need in this world to feed its population, many of which are starving, is to grow our own fruits and vegetables locally.  I believe that there is no place where we cannot grow fruits and vegetables, from the Antarctic to the deserts and everywhere in between.  I've seen the research where we have great green house technology.  I even believe that we can grow fruits and vegetables in the cities, both small and large, by building multiple story green houses in climate controlled buildings that would open up an opportunity for more local jobs.  Anyway, I will continue to research more ways to stay healthy and live my life in freedom experimenting with new recipes from videos, blogs, and books.  I believe it is possible to cure diabetes and just be more healthier.  How about you. I leave you with my blessing of live long and prosper, and stay creative in the magic of life.

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