Tuesday, July 03, 2007

“Live Free or Die Hard” movie review

“Live Free or Die Hard” movie review
by Robert G Parent

What can I say, it's an action movie but not only an action movie a “Die Hard” movie. This movie truly lives up to its namesake. One thing that I would like to say about this movie is the topic, the main idea of the movie. It takes the fears of a terrorist and puts them up on the big screen as a probability of what could happen but probably will not happen. A good movie of the times is a movie that use the knowledge that we know and expand upon it in a new way – this is what creativity is all about.

In this movie, they use a term called “fire sale” which describes away to take down the countries defenses. Even though there are errors in this thinking it gives our imagination something to hold onto and take us on a possible future outcome. The journey itself is what changes us and this movie has that ability, which is why I think this is a great movie to see. Will this movie really happen, will this give terrorist ideas, or is this movie just an awesome roller coaster ride.

What makes a movie good? Action, problem solving, elevating our fears, maybe its just about the money.
What made me see this movie? Well, its a “Die Hard” movie. The only expectation about the movie was that it would be a fun way to spend the afternoon. Stories not only take us to adventures in outer space but in our minds, by not only stimulating our imagination but taking us to a place where we can just be. Whether with ourselves, families, or with other people having a common experience.

I also have a personal question that came up as I was writing this, Why do I spend more time now at the movies? Is it all about experience?

“All of life's questions are answered in the movies.” -- the Grand Canon
Robert G Parent

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